Let’s pick up, shall we? If you missed my first top 3 cities for Valentine’s Day, check them out here. I’m sure you’ll agree…Italy is the perfect location to rekindle the romance, no matter where you go.

4th destination. Norcia

Casteluccio di Norcia has an unmistakable landscape. Endless fields of blooming flowers that color the land as far as your eye can see. You and Mr. R work off that meal with a light hike through the massive, ‘other-wordly’ rolling hills of violets, poppies & other beauties.  Passing by various travelers on the occasional donkey or horse, you each understand that this is a rare moment. Photos are taken full of hope that this moment will translate just as powerfully on digital. It is so peaceful that you feel inspired to just lay on the grass together to look up at the sky. Feeling small, it is just the perspective you need to say how thankful you are for this day. For the community in the nearby town of Norcia, which once had bustling tourism, they are in the process of rebuilding after a disaster. As you wander through the streets of the tiny town which produces amazing Norcia salami, Mr. Romance notices a shop owner who is slowly rebuilding his shop. Mr. R kindly invests in this man’s efforts by purchasing ridiculous amounts of salami. This little act is part of the process of restoring faith and hope in the shop owner’s heart, as well as closing out your time in this destination with depth and romance, all wrapped in one.  

5th destination. Alberobello 

Puglia is an up-and-coming region & Alberobello exists within it. It is simple and romantic just by way of the texture, color and design of the homes in the village and going there is known as Italy’s tiny romantic trip . Alberobello is filled with special little houses called Trulli. The white limestone, cone-shaped homes are straight out of a storybook fairytale. Lush green vines trail around the tiny small window frames with bougainvillea that compliments the mystic beauty of this prehistoric civilization. You and Mr. R fantasize about having a trullo guest-house on your property as you walk through the curvey paths of the whitewashed village together. You pop in and out of little Trullos’ converted into souvenir shops and you pick out handmade gifts. You hear of a special Masseria down the road and decide to take the car, as driving in this area is easy. A rustic chic farmhouse on a working farm (an agriturismo) for a glass of wine and a spritzer is just the right way to capture this moment. Altogether lovely.

6th destination. Positano

The Amalfi Coast is so popular to visit and for photo opps. But one little magical secret is the Amalfi coast gets quiet at night. And this is when the magic happens. Positano is lovely with colorful dwellings set into jaw-dropping cliffs, a gorgeous seaside, and coastal charm. You and Mr. Romance know that nighttime is the righttime in Positano. The sun is setting as you check-in to your boutique hotel in the darling area where shops and cafes decorate the street, once full of busses and tourists, but now quiet with the locals coming out to enjoy their community. A teeny Italian vintage car called an ape picks you up for a quick drive at dusk. Vittorio, our ape driver, passionately boasts about life in Positano and the importance of socializing each night in the piazza with his cherished neighbors. You and Mr. R are determined to take more time to socialize with friends and family when you return back to the states. It’s now nighttime in Positano and you leave cozy Saraceno d’Oro fully satisfied from the delicious dinner. White twinkling lights dot the streets, as you hear the echo of your steps scuffling along the pavement…a sound that could not be heard during the long, beautiful busy day.

So we’ve made it a point over the years to keep nourishing that first love of Italy but it ultimately has nurtured the love in our marriage. Something about it keeps us grounded. Something that started before we even met each other that is a special reminder of our sweet grandpas. Reminds us of where we come from and time stands still.  

Yes, a piece of your heart will be left behind in Italy and yet a very invigorated desire will be born to bring back home what you and your Mr. Romance experienced there.

The laundry waits, the appointments are postponed and the dog is taken care of…the in between where the dreamer in us can come alive again. There are the beautiful views that you look at together, having lived a lot of moments together…aging like a fine wine from your over priced TJ Maxx wine glass. 🍷

~ Denise 🌻