In October of 2017, I took a trip out to Umbria and was invited to capture the “behind-the-scenes” of products made from family businesses. Now let me tell you…I’ve left my heart in Umbria, Italy. She’s enticing, breathtaking yet unpretentious. Our family fell in love with this Italian town and all her people. It was only fitting for me to jump at the opportunity as family was at the center of all this. So I found it intriguing and inviting to be allowed “in” to the secrets of Umbria’s best kept secrets.

Umbria, Italy, a region of Italy that displays and is famous for its astounding and breathtaking beauty, is the home to the best people with a love for family. Brozzetti, a family run business for four generations, was inspired by a passion for the art of hand-weaving on antique wooden looms. They provide hand-weaving workshops, which pledge an opportunity for YOU to design and create a unique, professional weaving, anything ranging from covers, cushions, scarves, runners and bookmarks. This is such a great day activity to do with the women in your life and you get a fun souvenir to take home. Click here for more info about Brozzetti!

Goretti Wines & Vineyard is a third and fourth generation formed by the Goretti family who is committed to the pursuit of quality, cutting-edge research, and new testing techniques in the art of wine-making, as well as to the propagation of Umbrian culture and tradition. Goretti Wines & Vineyard specialize in the production of Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG and Rosso di Montefalco DOC red wines. As a business that is always prioritizing environmental awareness, the Goretti winery ensures that they produce only the best quality grapes. You had me at wine and family. We’re big wine drinkers and you cant get any better than grapes harvested in the region with the stamp of approval by multiple generations. A win in my book. Check out this link for additional information about Goretti Wines & Vineyard.

The Montioni Farm is where there is perfect harmony between man and the environment, where the vivid and tangible nature and traditions, where the olive and the vines dominate undisturbed. Born in Adeodato Montioni in 1972, the Montoni farm is one of the most effervescent and dynamic companies in Umbria looking for something that is remarkably innovative. It extends for 20 hectares between vineyards, olive groves and cereal crops. If you ever had authentic, real olive oil then you know the difference is incomparable. You haven’t had olive oil till you’ve had Italian grown olive oil. Enough said. Click here for more info about Montoni Farms and plan your next trip to Umbria and tell them Anthony sent you.