I once played on the streets of Umbria as a little kid, playing the part of a medieval warrior like the town feels. We have fond memories of our times there over the years that it feels a bit like home to me now.

In the beginning of June a few years ago, I travelled once again to Umbria with a few different activities in mind. We at Bella wanted to explore new areas and form more partnerships in said areas. We reached out to a privately owned farm (I Sentieri di Annibale) that offered a horseback riding excursion through wooded paths and along the shoreline of Lake Trasimeno.

A group of three of us arrived at the quaint farm and met with the proprietor, Laura. She showed us around her small farm, complete with many chickens, stocky pigs, beautiful horses, and more. After a short tour of their property, Laura prepared the horses and we set off down the path toward the lake. Laura and her playful dog led the way on foot to guide us and help with the horses. None of our group were experienced horseback riders but we had no trouble with the horses she provided for us. They were all trained well and perfectly behaved for our whole experience. 

We rode down a shaded path with beautiful fields on our right and then were guided beside a park that Laura told us was often empty and forgotten. However, it was well kept up and right near the lake, a beautiful area. We then lead our horses to a stunning lookout over Lake Trasimeno. It was an open green field with a horizon that peered right into the crisp blue water. The three of us sat there on horseback taking it all in and feeling very heroic with such an epic scene before us. From there we traveled on, heading down a different route back to the farm. We passed a small pond on the other side of the park, pausing here and there to let our horses snack on the plants around us.

        A little while later we arrived back at the farm with the animals greeting us. Laura was so warm and welcoming and spoke great English. The animals were all very gentle and not at all threatening. If that is a possible concern for any of your group, you can rest easy because the farm animals were all well behaved. Laura thanked us and welcomed us and our clients there anytime. It was a very enjoyable and relaxing experience and I highly recommend it! If this seems like an activity you and your group would like to enjoy, feel free to reach out to us at Bella and we will help get it set up! 

~Dante Campopiano