Veni, vedi, vici

by Brian Alex | July 21, 2022

With all the fantastic ways to spend your vacation time in Italy, one of the most difficult choices will be deciding what not to do on your next trip. 

The name of the game in the Beautiful Country is to slow down, relax, and enjoy. 

Sounds like a vacation, right? But, as Americans we tend to take the Ancient Roman approach of Veni, Vidi, Vici … I came, I saw, I conquered.

A lot has changed since Julius Caesar coined this phrase while conquering far off foes. Italy is your friend, and you need to take your time getting to know her. 

Often, we wanna “knock out” as many spectacular sights, trendy tours, and Michelin meals as possible, while breaking land-speed records all along the way. 

Here’s the rub: we can easily feel shortchanged if we don’t do everything in just one go. So, we exhaust ourselves running from plane, to train, to B&B and restaurant. 

Getting to know the Real Italy is as much about learning what to do as what not to do. It also means learning how to do it. It’s like “when in Rome…”, but modernized. 

Today’s approach is “do as the Romans do”. In other words, slow down; what’s your hurry? 

  • Did you savor that meal? 
  • Did you learn something on the tour? 
  • Did you really relax by the sea? 
  • Did you get to know the winemaker? 
  • How has your life been enriched?


This is the only approach that will truly allow us to conquer a country like Italy. Are you ready to come and see The Real Italy? Sign up for your free consultation today!