The Top Tourist Destination in Europe

by Brian Alex | August 12, 2022


When it comes to vacationing outside of the continental US, the Caribbean, or Mexico, the top tourist destination for Americans is unquestionably Italy. In particular, the Eternal City of Rome is a favorite hotspot, followed quickly by Florence and Venice. 

This comes as no surprise as American culture is infused with Italian culture, language, imagery, wine and cuisine. Whenever we’re making the trek away from the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, we want to experience something unfamiliar, unforgettable, and irreplaceable. But, we tend to want all this within a familiar framework, not too far outside of our comfort zone.

Most people want to experience the “real” Italy. This is practically impossible to do at your local Olive Garden or even in New York City’s famed Mulberry Street of Little Italy. 

Rome, in particular, tends to embody some of that infatuation that we have with Italy in general. It tends to feel kind of raw and real, the many tourist traps notwithstanding. It offers us ancient civilizations, towering monuments defying modern engineering, haute cuisine next to equally delicious street foods, and the seats of secular as well as sacred powers intertwined. The list goes on and on to make Rome, and Italy, an ideal tourist choice. 

No other destination holds a candle.


It totally makes sense. No other destination holds a Roman candle to Italy’s romantic lure.

When it comes to Unesco World Heritage Sites across Europe, for example, whether we’re talking about Stonehenge in England, the glaciers in Norway, or National Parks in Iceland, where better than Rome, Italy to put an authentic experience hand in hand with delicious food, thus making the plane ride, the time change, and the exhaustion completely worthwhile?


So, what is it that we’re really looking for when it comes to Italy? Some of us have ancestry here, so that’s a big draw. Huge. Some of it is famous works of art, for others its history, and still others the hedonism. The indulgence of a well-crafted gelato or a finely crafted wine, for example. But it doesn’t stop there. There’s the weather, the beaches, and even the slow-down and relax philosophy … another huge draw. 

Italy is a beautiful mess of complexity and uniform rigidity; indulgence and yet respect.

But, in the end, Italy is whatever you want it to be. An escape. An experience. A relaxing vacation. A frantic bucket list. The “real” experience that you can’t get back in the states. But, there’s no substitute for careful planning to ensure your wanderlust doesn’t end in frustration or, worse, disappointment. That’s why going to Italy With Bella is the surest bet. 


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