What’s the most important thing you can do on your next trip – besides having fun of course?

by Brian Alex | August 5, 2022


This missing ingredient could actually make or break your dream vacation!


With so many exciting things to do while on vacation in Italy, how does one decide between what to do and what not to do?

The options are endless and the decision-making process can be a little complicated, if not downright intimidating. There are so many famous places to see, museums to visit, foods to eat, wines to drink, things to explore and experiences to have all along the way. But, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered there! We’ll help narrow down that itinerary to what matters most to you, so you can get the most out of your next vacation.


But there’s one thing that we can’t do for you. You’ve got to do this for yourself.


You may already know what it is, but maybe you’ve neglected to do it. We’ve all been there. You’re three days into a two week adventure, and you’re starting to feel exhausted. No, scratch that, you were already exhausted before your vacation… and that’s why you decided that you needed it in the first place! But, after international flights, airline food, taxi rides, jet lag, and a few sleepless nights, you’re tired. Hey, traveling is stressful, and it takes time to recuperate.


So, what’s missing in order to make your vacation enjoyable, memorable, and refreshing?

Ironically, it’s something that everyone wants on their vacation, but few people actually plan for. What is it? Rest and relaxation. Here’s the deal, our ability to absorb and process experiences, both mentally and physically, is directly related to the amount of rest we get vs the fatigue we have. When we’re tired and stressed, we don’t tend to have the best experiences. It’s can be tough to even remember them!

When we’re worn out, we miss out on special moments altogether. And it’s such a pity too!

Italy is one of the most beautiful and intricate (not to mention complicated) countries that you’re likely to visit, and so of course you want to notice everything, taste everything, and enjoy everything! What’s the solution? You’ve got to plan some rest along the way in order to enjoy your journey! We’ve talked about this before, when in Italy, do as Italians do… slow down, relax, be in the moment.

While we can’t actually do this for you, we can help you plan a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.


Here are Five Pro Tips to help you incorporate some rest and relaxation along the way:

  1. Plan a nap every other day – Even a 20 minute Power Nap can do wonders for your mind and body
  2. Plan a little break after traveling – Incorporate a gap of an hour or two to help you get settled and feel rested
  3. Plan your activities to begin later – Give yourself ample time to sleep, have a no-rush breakfast, and prepare
  4. Plan to skip a meal every couple days – Our tendency can be to overindulge, even your digestive system needs a rest
  5. Plan a little down time to pause and reflect – Give yourself the gift of a purposeful pause to reflect, journal or look at the stars

The itineraries that we design, coordinate, and help you to execute, are filled with wonderful places we’ve personally visited and would happily go back to again. We’ve taken great care to note where we slept well and where we didn’t. Maybe it was so noisy outside the hotel that we couldn’t really rest. Noted. Maybe the mattress was older than Michelangelo’s David. Noted. But maybe there was a B&B where we felt welcomed, we felt comfortable, and we rested well.

All of these things get noticed and filter into our ability to speak into your next dream vacation.

So, when planning all the fun things to do on your next vacation, let’s make sure that one of those things is getting good quality sleep and rest along the way. There’s no amount of espresso that can help you enjoy what you’re not rested and ready to receive.

When you’re in Italy With Bella, we want you to feel like you’re at home… and that includes rest, relaxation, and a good night‘s sleep!


BONUS PRO TIP: schedule time to do activities that require little to no physical exertion. Schedule time for people watching in the piazza, take time to take a leisurely walk in the park or to sit quietly in one of Italy’s many churches gazing at the mosaics, statues, or frescoes.


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