Summertime in Italy – Part 1

by Brian Alex | June 17, 2023
And the livin’ is easy…

Well, at least when you’re in Italy it certainly can be. 

La Dolce Vita, or sweet living, is here for those who are willing to make the trip over. Easier said than done, these days, with fuel costs up and crowds creating queues. 

However, it does exist and can still be found. And now, we’re going to tell you how!

Alright, let’s talk about finding The Sweet Life in the summertime. How exactly do you beat the heat, or the crowds for that matter? Where do you go, and what do you do?

So, there you are. You and the fam just got off the plane in Rome. It’s mid-July, and a gust of salty 100 degree heat hits you square in your open jaw. Well, forget what you thought you knew about being Under The Tuscan Sun. This heat packs a punch!

The last thing you want to do is go stand in line for a few hours at the Vatican, along with a 100 other sweaty, tired, and gelato-deprived tourists. What to do, what to do… 

For starters, hire a guide if you’ve just got to see the popular sites. Everyone has their bucket lists, and it’s good to get those boxes checked off.

However, we HIGHLY recommend using a verified tour guide for historic, archaeological, and religious sites. Sure, it takes a little extra money, but anything worth doing … is worth doing right. 

You’ll also skip-the-line, in many cases, spending less time in heat, not to mention getting all the information that most people miss. If you’re only going to do the Colosseum once, then opt for VIP treatment. It’s worth it! 

We also enjoy the “golf cart” tours around the Colosseum and Roman Forum. But, the same logic can be applied for exploring a new city on foot. 

Hire a local guide who can show you the sites and explain what you’re seeing, or eating! Going where the locals go and doing what the locals do is the BEST way to have a “Real Italy” experience.