Summertime in Italy, Part 3

by Brian Alex | July 22, 2023
Round round, get around
I get around

It was 1964, and we sang it All Summer Long.

The Beach Boys introduced us to the idea of getting bored with driving up and down the same old strip. What was their solution?

Find a new place where the kids are hip!

I suppose that’s good solution, living in the South Bay area of LA in the mid to late 60’s. However, getting around can be a little more challenging in a foreign country… a country such as Italy.

So, let’s find out what we can do about it!

Well, the kids are definitely hip in Italy, but the ease of transportation (or the lack of it) can tend to shift our perspective on getting around.

You’d think it’d be simple right? Getting from Point A to Point B. 

Well, you’d be surprised. In fact, hiccups with your movement around Italy, not to mention getting in and getting out, are a huge source of frustration for most international travellers.

Especially for those unaccustomed to Italy’s frequent strikes, bus and train delays, as well as car service price gouging.

While you’re relatively safe in Italy, moving around can be slow (if it goes at all). Flights, as well as public transport, can get cancelled altogether. That said, there’s plenty you can do to hedge your bets when it comes to travel.

Whether you’re in Rome, Rimini, or Ragusa, you want to make things easier on yourself and those with whom you might be travelling. So, what are the insider tips and tricks when it comes to transportation?

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