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Italy With Bella exists to share our love and passion for Italy by providing authentic, tailored, and unforgettable journeys

Anthony & Denise

The Founders

Anthony and Denise are Italian-American dual-citizens, with roots in Campania’s province of Caserta.

Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, they’ve put their roots down in Nashville, Tennessee, where their children and grandkids live.

When not in the Mid-South, you’re likely to find them sitting in one of Italy’s beautiful piazzas at aperitivo time with a Negroni and cigar in hand, laughing and sharing travel stories.

Italy With Bella is their dream come true, spreading their love for all things Italian.


Director of Operations
Bella Italy Podcast Host
Director Mission Sicily

An Italian-American dual-citizen who’s been traveling to Italy for over 30 years, Brian is a permanent resident in Italy’s deep south. 

Based in Sicily for over a decade, he’s often traveling around Italy and Europe. When not researching for the podcast, he’s probably searching for that perfect Cortado or reading books so he can appear more scholarly.

Aside from managing the Italian-based Bella team and hiking Mount Etna, he spends much of his time working with nonprofits in his local Sicilian community.


Travel Advisor
Customer Care 

Originally from Cranston, Rhode Island, Marianne grew up in a lively Italian-American family.

Weekly Sunday dinners and a house filled with music, laughter, and love were the staples of her upbringing, which continue to this day.

A musician by trade and a Christian worship leader, Marianne’s music has opened doors for her to travel the world and visit many countries, including Italy.

She now resides in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband Coury and their two children.


Travel Advisor
Social Media Guru

Growing up as an Italian-American in Johnston, Rhode Island, Marissa was raised in a community that embodied and celebrated their cultural heritage.

A certified wine sommelier, with over a decade of experience in Nashville’s food and beverage industry, Marissa’s love for Italian cuisine and wine deepens with every new visit to Italy.

She enjoys crafting unforgettable experiences for clients, infusing each itinerary with her passion and expertise of the Real Italy.


Graphic Designer
Art & History Guide

An Arizona native, it was the dream of studying art and history that first brought Megan to Italy. Unexpectedly, it was the discovery of real Italian culture that kept her coming back.

Since finishing her degree in Florence, Megan dedicates her time to Italian language and tourism. While art and history are her specialities, Megan’s real joy is sharing her knowledge with those who visit Florence.

When she’s not touring the town, you can find her traipsing around the countryside, sketchbook in hand.


Travel Advisor
Italy From Scratch

Raised in Cranston, Rhode Island in an Italian-American family that embraced their Italian roots, Derek’s first trip to Italy ignited a deep passion for the cuisine.

Returning time and again, Derek began replicating the dishes he discovered on his trips and sharing them with loved ones. That passion has sparked a career.

Now in Tennessee with his wife and three sons, he teaches authentic, hands-on Italian cooking classes. And as part of the Bella team, he’s found a passion for building experiences for others.


Strategic Partnerships

Enrico is a native of Ferrara, a lovely town nestled in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, a region renowned for its culinary excellence and luxury automotives.

With a degree in language and communication from the University of Modena, Enrico’s passion for American culture allows him to build bridges between Americans and Italians.

This passion makes him a valuable asset to the Bella Team. And when not hard at work, Enrico enjoys hiking in the Dolomites and introducing others to his hometown’s history.


Travel Advisor

Raised with an Italian-American heritage, Dante has been traveling to Italy since a young age. The appreciation for his family’s culture only increased as he grew older.

Dante strives to bring clear communication to the Bella Team and its clients. His passion for literature, antiquity, and all things Italian brings depth to the travel work he enjoys.

With an emphasis on getting to know the Real Italy, he’s able to help others get even more out of their Italian experiences.


Strategic Partnerships

A native of Basilicata, Leonardo spent his adolescence in Naples and Siena, where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Management.

Leonardo has spent more than a decade in the hospitality industry, working throughout Tuscany, in Sanremo, and Australia, taking care of each guest as if they were the only one.

A food and beverage specialist, as well as a soccer trainer Uefa B, Leonardo loves to discover and share the non-touristy places and experiences that allow folks to see the Real Italy.


Travel Advisor

A passionate traveler from a long line of world-explorers, Laura embraces adventure with a particular fondness for trips that are enriched with history, architecture, and elevated food.

Preferring to travel slowly, Laura values creating authentic connections with locals. Italy captured her heart years ago, and has remained a centerpiece ever since.

When not traveling with her husband or creating new Italian travel itineraries, Laura likes to stay active by running, rowing, weight training, and soccer.

Italy is a favorite European travel destination for Americans, but few people know how to really navigate the  Bel Paese, the “beautiful country” of Italy. And while Italian food, culture, and language can seem familiar, they can also be real obstacles to fully immersing yourself while you’re there.

That’s where we come in. Our Italy With Bella team has over 30 years of experience traveling to Italy, living in Italy, and helping others to experience the Real Italy like the locals do.

Our goal is simple…

Most people are too busy and overwhelmed to plan a real travel experience so let us tailor an Italian venture inspired by you giving you rich memories that you can rave about for a lifetime!

What Our Customers Have to Say

“Anthony was so fun to work with and was like a “walking Google” as it related to being able to successfully help us navigate the logistics of our trip to Italy and the Italian culture.

He also supplied us with information about proper and improper etiquette while vacationing in Italy, tourist traps to steer clear of…he gave us the “inside scoop” per se while visiting this cultural treasure.

It was a dream vacation!!!”

BERNIE & RHONDA (30th anniversary)


“The Italy trip Anthony and Denise customized for us was absolutely amazing. Restaurants, hotels, exclusive private tours, cooking classes, detailed travel advice, and more! If you really want to see and experience everything Italy has to offer, then take advantage of their world class service.”


author, speaker, podcast host

“I highly recommend using Bella if you’re planning a trip. They were fantastic and extremely helpful. Our trip would not have been as incredible as it was without their help. Great people, great company, great all around.”

Ben & Dezirae


“Bella is the real deal. They guided our plans on our honeymoon and I will never forget it. We could have never figured it all out on our own. They are super personable and 100% knowledgeable.”

Newlyweds, Kyle & Lisa


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