Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Italy With Bella so special?
  1. We focus exclusively on Italy
  2. We’re an Italian-American team
  3. We’re family-owned and operated
  4. We offer hand-tailored experiences
  5. Using 30+ years experience in Italy
  6. And carefully selected partnerships
  7. With excellent customer satisfaction!
When’s the best time to go to Italy?

Depends on the experience you want. Some like sunshine and sand, others prefer the mountains, others enjoy festivals in city-centers. That said, we usually like the weather from May to July, and then September to November. Shoulder seasons are becoming more popular, however, as people realize just how much there is to see and do in Italy. Even at Christmastime!

When should I start planning?

Now! Sure, there are some seasonal timeframes that are more advantageous than others, but interest in Italy has been booming since 2021. So, the earlier that you book your trip in advance the better options you’ll have available to choose from. Whether we’re talking about lodging, tours, restaurants or excursions, booking in advance and avoiding crowds always makes sense.

We’re typically seeing a 6-9 month window as a minimum for booking that dream vacation, but to be safe even a year out is helpful, especially for families traveling together or small groups.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

“If they have more stars to offer than five, I would give it; everything about this trip was five-star and amazing!”

Jeremy Smith

Brentwood, TN

“Our trip was fantastic and well planned! The team of Italy with Bella was fabulous to work with and laid everything out so well. They were easy to get ahold of during our trip and quickly responded to any questions we had.”

Dave Thomas

Eagleville, TN

“We had the time of our lives thanks to Italy with Bella. Our trip was absolutely perfect, every detail throughout was seamless. This is the BEST way to experience everything Italy has to offer!!”

Cole Graves

Nashville, TN

“I felt we were able to have a little bit of everything on our trip… City food tour, history tours, Tuscany wine experiences, an authentic cooking class, time to explore on our own, delicious food and wine, and so much more! I highly recommend Italy with Bella to anyone traveling to Italy.”

Mary Michael Cross

Franklin, TN

“Anthony & Denise advised our family and helped us to plan our entire tour of Italy. We had a very stress free trip as we were so prepared because of their personal consultations and advice and had no issues! We thoroughly enjoyed our trip! It really pays to have a personal expert who knows the area and who can provide you the personal details like they did. Grazie Mille Anthony & Denise!”

Zorich Family


“Working with Anthony & Denise made it possible for us (my granddaughter and myself) to have the freedom that we wanted on our vacation. It was a life-changing trip!”

Vera & Amanda

Rhode Island

“Anthony & Denise have a wealth of knowledge which comes from experience. From the best travel tips, tricks and prices, to restaurants, things to do and see that were off the beaten path, and more, Anthony helped us to create a trip that allowed us to experience a truly authentic taste of Italy.”

Newlyweds, Crystal & Brian


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